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Mark Allen


The reason why we put Reinsman Saddles on our website.

Expert craftsman who are committed to producing fine saddles makes Reinsman saddles. Reinsman saddles have many different varieties. There are the gaited horse saddles, show saddles, trail saddles, barrel saddles, ranch saddles, working cow horse saddles and others. They have a few saddles for each type, so in all, you can find a few hundred Reinsman saddles there.

Reinsman saddles pride themselves on the soft leather and the beautiful tooling workmanship. Many horse saddles' leather is hard and stiff but Reinsman saddles only use top quality leather to ensure the best results. This may therefore justify the type of money you will pay for their saddles. Reinsman saddles do not come cheap. "Good Saddles aren't cheap and cheap Saddles aren't Good"


“I purchased a working cowhorse saddle from Reinsman.  I wanted to let you know that it is the finest saddle I have ever ridden in or owned. It fits my big roping horses perfect and I have tried many saddles to get the fit I like. Some of the people I rope with are very impressed with it also. My saddle has definitely turned a lot of heads. Many have ridden in it and absolutely love it as well.”

Andy D.
North Dakota

“I don't believe there's a better saddle made today than a Reinsman. I applaud your high standards, and the fact that you won't compromise any bit of your superb quality to make a cheaper saddle. Keep up the good work!”

Debbie. C.
New York

"I purchased a new Reinsman Comfort Fit Flex 17" Western saddle #4130 in June. The saddle is wonderful.  I trail it on my Tennessee Walker every weekend.  The quality and comfort of the Comfort Fit beat my previous flex tree saddle all to pieces.  You make em right!"

George C.

“I purchased a Reinsman saddle about a year and a half ago and I love it. Since I've owned mine I have been telling everyone I can that they should own one.  It's the best saddle I've ever owned and when I'm ready to buy a new one it's going to be another Reinsman.”

Kellie K.

“I was looking for a show saddle at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and after I was tired of looking for a good fit from a specific brand, which I couldn’t find, I decided to give up and just try to find one that I sat perfectly in.  When I sat on this one show saddle I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt and how it just set me perfectly.  I was so excited to find the "right" saddle that I expected a "big price tag" and when the salesperson told me what the cost was and that the saddle was made by Reinsman I couldn’t believe it.  I had no idea you sold such beautiful show saddles at such a reasonable price.  This saddle (stock# 4536) fit me better than any "top dollar" saddle at a fraction of the price.  You really have a great quality product and the craftsmanship is wonderful!  Good job!!”

C. N.

“Just purchased my second Reinsman saddle.  It's a #4130 comfort fit trail saddle.  I'm 53 and been ridding for 30 years.  I can't say enough about how great this saddle rides!  The interesting thing is my horse seems to enjoy it as much as me!  He is young and can serve up some antics when first saddled.  Not once has he tried with my new saddle!!!  I can't imagine more bang for the buck in a saddle. Just when I was beginning to believe 'quality' had no real meaning.”

Rudy J.
North Carolina


'I just purchased one of your team penner saddles and I wanted to tell you how very happy I am with your saddle.  It is truly a work of art, almost too nice to put on the back of a horse.  The soft leather and the beautiful tooling are exquisite!  This saddle is by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever had the pleasure of riding in.  My husband loves this saddle so much that he is going to purchase the same saddle.'

M. A.

'I was quite pleased with the workmanship and comfortable fit of your saddles and don't think I will be happy until I can call one mine.'

L.loyd M.

'I'm very pleased with my purchase of your products. You should advertise your saddles as 'the saddle that makes your butt go 'Ahhhh'.  Thanks again!!'

Jadine B