Vegetable Tanning Chrome Tanning

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We post about how many steps are involved in tanning a quality piece of leather and we were ask what the diference was between Vegetable and Chrome Tanning.

Vegetable tanning is a process that uses “tannin” to change hide into leather. Tannin is derived from natural products found in plants. Vegetable tanning produces a leather that is: firm, strong when thick, well suited to carving or molding, non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to metal. Vegetable tanned leather is one of the more expensive leathers and is frequently found in products such as saddles, shoe soles, and gun leatherChrome tanning is a method of tanning that uses chromium sulfate and other compounds to tan the leather. Chrome tanning produces a leather that is:, soft and pliable, strong when thin. chrome tanned leather is often less expensive than vegetable tanned leather because the tanning process is considerably shorter. Chrome tanned leather is frequently used in items such as clothes, upholstery, gloves, and chaps

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Cowboy Cadillac

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Here is a photo I would like to show you. We are Roy Rogers’s fans and his car is one of a kind.

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HOLY COW!!!!!! Our event colendar is breaking all records

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HOLY COW!!!! Our event calendar is breaking all records Thank you for listing all you shows. Visitors and page views keeps rising they are looking for you event.  We have AQHA, Barrel Racing, APHA, Clinics, Roping, Trail Rides and many other events. It’s “FREE” to list your event. If you like your arena information linked to your event go to and put your arena there. When you are on the website look to the box on the left that says form. It will take you to a form that says f will ask you questions about your arena. Please answer all the questions. At this point it cost nothing to enter your arena but after a while it may so enter your arena now! Also arenas photos can be added to Best Arena once you have added your arena then send photos to Visitors that are looking for a show really like this option.
  To add you is event-listing start by describing the details of the event. Please enter the information in mixed case. Use capitalized letters only where necessary. The event opening date, race days, event name, location, added money if any and if sanction NBHA or IBRA fields are required. Once the information has been entered email it to or you can post your show on the calendar then we will approve it. Thank You!! M.C. Diamond will attempt to post any cancellations of events, or changes in information about a show if advised but will not be responsible for any failure to do so. You might want to call before you haul.

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