SHOW BILLS ON LINE Destined to be the #1 Horse Show Event Calendar in and around Indiana

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 M.C. Diamond Ranch Event Calendar is breaking all records. This is where Indiana show promoters and contestants can go for information on horse shows. We have posted well over 100 show bills just in Indiana from AQHA, Barrel Racing, APHA, Clinics, Roping, Trail Rides and many other events. It’s FREE to list your event!
  Thank you for listing all you shows. Visitors and page views keep rising. They are looking for your event. If you like your arena information linked to your event go to and put your arena there. When you are on the website look to the box on the left that says form, that will ask you questions about your arena. Please answer all the questions. At this point it cost nothing to enter your arena but after a while it may, so enter your arena now! Also arena photos can be added to ”Best Arena”. Once you have added your arena, send photos to Visitors that are looking for a show really like this option.
  To add your event listing, start by describing the details of the event. Please enter the information in mixed case. Use capitalized letters only where necessary. The event, opening date, race days, event name, location, added money if any and if sanctioned. NBHA or IBRA fields are required. Once the information has been entered email it to or you can post your show on the calendar then we will approve it. Thank You!! M.C. Diamond will attempt to post any cancellations of events, or changes in information about a show if advised but will not be responsible for any failure to do so. You might want to call before you haul.
 Go to we offer quality products at an affordable price. Most important we are working hard to offer the best possible customer service.

 Mark Allen

“Halters” What are they saying about Halters from M.C. Diamond Ranch

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Check out the Halters at M.C. Diamond Ranch. About 7 years ago I bought 2 halters from MC Diamond Ranch.  I was able to pick the colors I wanted to put together and have my horse’s name put on them.  They had the Velcro nosepiece that comes in very handy when you are taking the halter off and bridling your horse at the trailer.  You don’t have to worry about your horse getting loose and running off.  They also have buckles at the chin so you can fit any horse.  Not to long ago one of my horses pulled back on his lead rope and broke the tongue on one of my halters.  About the same time, the dogs pulled down my other halter and the nosepiece was chewed in to.  I sent them back to Mark and Cheryl and they had them fixed, very quickly.  The one with the broken tongue was free of charge and the other was only $6.00.  I am very happy with the quality of their products and very, very happy with their customer service.  They are very easy to do business with and very nice people.Thank you so much, Mark and Cheryl.

Sharla Nehring Also check out Sharla website S & G Rodeo Vinyl decals for the outside of your windows, truck or trailer.

Why M.C. Diamond Ranch considers Reinsman Spurs one of the “best” spurs you can buy.

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Take a look at all of the Reainsman Spurs at an affordable price at: M.C. Diamond Ranch Spurs.

  Reinsman Quality Points:

  Tempered Steel. Band can be bent to fit with out breaking. And, spur won’t roll around the heel when used.

  Inset Swingers. Inset swinger lock against the band to prevent excessive wear.

  Steel Rowels. Steel has a nice ring when you walk and lasts much longer than brass.

  Look Great. All steel and gun blued for eye appeal without extensive polishing and oiling. Intended to rest and turn golden brown for that “Cowboy” look.

  Other Reasons why Reinsman Spurs are Special:

  Interchangeable Rowels. Think about it. No more buying extra pairs of spurs just to get the levels of control and feel that different rowel provides. No more hassle of having to refit each pair. Just pop off the special clip, pull the pin and change out the rowel. Now you can wear that favorite pair of “perfect” spurs every time.

   Reinsman Rowels Can be Purchased Separately: Never be without the rowels you need again. Keep all six styles handy. Each is designed to offer a distinct feel with the severity left up to the rider. {Sold as a pair}. The interchangeable rowel system is built into every Reinsman roweled spur they make. So no matter which pair you select, you always have the option of changing the rowels.

  Reinsman spurs fit better:  While some riders want a loose spur, other like a snug fit.  It’s a matter of preference.  To make fitting easier, out spurs are available with either angled or straight swingers.  An angled swinger will conform more closely to the boot making the fit snug. Straight swingers fit loose allowing the spur to slide up when walking, and fall into position when riding.  Each of our six styles is available with your choice of swinger.

  Reinsman Spurs: Are carefully, handmade in “America” using the finest materials available.

Consider the following when choosing spurs:

  Shank Length Some riders need a short shank not to over spur the horse. Others use long shank for contact without much foot movement.

  Rowel Size/Shape. Small rowels with sharp points can be severe and large rowels with smooth points can be gentle. The effect depends on use by the rider.

  Check out all the product lines at; M.C. Diamond Ranch              Mark Allen

Sidepull a bitless bridle

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 Check out our Sidepulls at; The Sidepull has no leverage and hardly any discomfort, It provides a better lateral signal for steering (aids head positioning) than a bosal or a mechanical hackamore, but a less effective flexing signal for stopping. The Sidepull is a design inspired by the bosal. It has a heavy noseband with side rings that attach the reins on either side of the nose, allowing direct pressure to be applied from side to side. The noseband is made of leather, rawhide, rope or steal. Sidepulls are primarily used to start young horses before introducing the bit. While using a harder or thinner rope can increase severity you also can add a bit to the Sidepull if you need more control. A slide action on the mouth will allow the nose to contact before the mouth. With this bit you are still receiving the benefits of a Sidepull with increase severity. Take a look at this Sidepull; .Once a horse understands basic commands, the trainer may shift to either a ring snaffle or a short shank curb . Sidepulls are also a good bridle for beginners to use, so that they don’t injure their horse’s mouth as they learn. We will continue to offer you innovative designs with the highest quality at an affordable price and most important, to offer the best possible customer service. Check out all the product lines at;                Mark Allen

Equine Ice Wraps at M.C. Diamond Ranch

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Major Features: of the Equine Ice Wraps at M.C. Diamond Ranch
 Allows ice treatment without exposing to water. Encapsulated, refreezable water solution eliminates cracked hooves and fungus infections resulting from prolonged water contact; also reduces stall and stable cleanup normally resulting from use of ice or water.

 Multiple uses a simple design fits any leg position

 Convenient units are construction with straps attached makes installation simple and reduces labor requirements involved with ice-cold water therapy.

 Affordable the wraps can be purchased individually.

 Durable the nylon casing and industrial grade polymers ensure long life with repeated usage – wrap can be hosed off or washed and air dried.

 Provides mobility the panel design allows horse to be mobile while receiving ice treatment. Ice treatment can be administered foe 2 hours without personnel standing by.

 Delivers uniform cold the ice pillows stay in place while thawing instead of slipping to bottom of the wrap as crushed ice does.

 Inserts can be removed and frozen separately. We will continue to offer you innovative designs with the highest quality at an affordable price and most important, to offer the best possible customer service. Check out all the product lines

     Mark Allen

Why is the price of two bridles, breast collars or reins that look alike so vastly different?

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The cost of a plain working headstall can range from $12 to $50 depending on the quality and workmanship that went in it. An example of a “quality with strength and durability” Browband headstall at a great price: other headstalls may range from $25 to hundreds of dollars. Split reins may range from $20 to $100. An example of a top quality rein:  

   Too often inexperienced riders will choose the cheaper version, only because differences in quality may not be visible to them. As a retailer I must know the value of well-made equipment and have the information needed to steer our customers toward smart, well-educated choices.

  The quality of the leather, durability and strength is determined from the tanning and manufacturing processes used. The part of the hide the leather comes from is very important the outermost layer of the hide is the strongest leather available. Bonded leather is the lowest grade and will not have the strength and durability to last. All this is; pieces of split leather on the outside and glued to cardboard on the inside to give the look and feel of real leather. The leather quality has a lot to do with price. Don’t give up the quality to save a dollar, it’s not worth it.

  The hardware will also determine the durability. Nickel, brass, and stainless steel are among the most durable. Other less durable, made with metal alloys, may break or corrode more easily. Some manufacturers will cut there cost on hardware to have a lower price. Do you want to give up the durability of the hardware to save a dollar?

  One other thing to check out is the stitching… it’s important. Most lower priced headstalls are single-stitched and the stitches are wide and far apart. Higher quality headstalls generally are double stitched, and the stitches will be small and tight together.

  Our goal at is to offer quality products at an affordable price including the best leather in today’s market with many different variations from which to choose from. Most important we are working hard to offer the best possible customer service.

                  Mark Allen

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