Nylon Halter “Parker”

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The “Best” fitting and durable nylon Parker halter you can buy. See them and purchase all styles Here at M.C. Diamond Ranch. First, the fit on our halter; the throat latch is back behind the jaw. This feature is one of my favorites, when a horse pulls back  the pull is behind the jaw and the poll, not on the nose not like brand X. Eliminating the o ring and incorporating this with the buckle allows this fit. Double buckles on the adjustment and slider adjustment under the jaw makes this halter “fit”. If your horse likes to pull back when he is tied up you will like this feature.
  Next, we eliminated the cast hardware at the squares. This makes this halter stronger and lighter than the other. The (stainless steel) drop dees are used for cross tying. The cast hardware that most use is not made for strength pulling from that angle. This halter also has a adjustable nose. They improved this feature over most halters. They use double buckles so the ring will be in the center rather than sliding back and forth. This keeps the halter fitting correctly. The nylon; its one of the highest quality “USA” nylon on the market today with a large color choice to pick from. Call for custom monogram pricing this makes a great awards. What are they saying about “Parker Halters” read it here M.C. Diamond Ranch.  Also check out the velcro nose option you can get on this halter Here. Then if you need a Bling-Bling Bronc halter with the same great fit check this one out Here. We have just what you need in Nylon Halters at M.C. Diamond Ranch.

M.C. Diamond Ranch 

Indiana Horse Shows

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Destined to be one of the top event calendars for your Horse Shows in Indiana. We also have a large list of shows from many other states from Barrel Racing, AQHA, to open shows. Check out our Featured Event Page Here. For the complete list of shows to our Main Event Calendar go Here. We also host the Indiana NBHA site for their shows go Here. To add your event listing start by describing the details of the event. Please enter the information in mixed case. Use capitalized letters only where necessary. The events opening date, race days, event name, location, added money if any and if sanction NBHA or IBRA fields are required. Also you can send us the show bill on the event. Once the information has been entered email it to mcdiamondranch@msn.com Thank You!!

M.C. Diamond Ranch

Jim Warner Hackamore

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In my opinion the Jim Warner Hackamore by Reinsman is the number ONE pick for the performance horse. Check  out the Jim Warner Hackamore Here Depending on the degree of “direct rein” this means you are riding two handed and involves asking the animals to bend to various degrees of lateral pressure along with “shaping” their bodies and generating momentum and directing the horse’s feet by means of various leg aids and direct reining. If you are a Barrel Racer this might sound like you. Most mechanical hackamores can be pokey around the mechanical joint of the shank and can poke into the check when using direct reining. The Jim Warner with the swivel shanks “stops” this problem. They have also stopped the nosepiece from sliding down on the nose where is does not belong. Notice how well the nose floats when you pull the shanks but will not drop down. You can get the Jim Warner Hackamore in a medium plus leverage with a 7” cheek or added length 9” to the shank for added control needed for colts or serious competition. Check out the 9” shack Here. They have added a “leather nose” for the horses with a good rate but does not like a rope or chain. Go Here to see this Leather Nose. Another option you can pick is the “Chain nose”. The chain conforms to the nose for good rate. Vet wrap can be added to control severity. Chain nose go Here  All these Hackamores have a “Lifetime Guarantee” See it “here”. If you ride performance and used direct reining and need to use a Hackamore this one is for you. You can see them and purchase all styles here at M.C. Diamond Ranch at a “GREAT” price

M.C. Diamond Ranch

Molly Powell Bits

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Molly Powell has a Great new line of bits by Reinsman. Eleven new styles to choose from. You can see them and purchase all styles here at M.C. Diamond Ranch at a “GREAT” price. One of my personal favorite’s is the Molly Powell “Rookie”. This bit is designed for the rookie competition horse or a very nice colt bit for first introducing curb pressure and low leverage. Excellent for leaving a ring snaffle and introducing a small amount of curb pressure. Young horses as well as tender mouthed horses will accept this mouthpiece well.
 ”Lifetime Guarantee”, check this one out “HERE” . Molly Powell just released a new DVD and when you are at M.C. Diamond Ranch we have a link on the Molly bit page where you can check it out: 

M.C. Diamond Ranch

Rockin “S” Snaffle

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M.C. Diamond Ranch is offering the Rockin “S” Snaffle Bit 7/16″ smooth sweet iron snaffle now comes in 5″, 5 1/2″ and 6″ mouths. This bit was designed to decrease the discomfort at corners of the horse’s mouth. This bit is one of our Best Sellers and receiving many comments having success using this bit. The two new sizes of this bit has been requested from many of our customers, click “HERE”for information or pricing on this bit. To complete the line of the Rocking “S” Snaffle Reinsman also added a dogbone mouth in a 5″ and 5 1/2″. Click “HERE” for information on this bit. M.C. Diamond Ranch offers over 400 different bits on the mcdiamond.com with allot of information on each bit.

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