Professional’s Choice Brings Manufacturing Back to the USA

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This is Great News for M.C. Diamond Ranch! We know manufacturing in the USA is important for the Quality of the Products and American Jobs. That is why we carry the largest part of our products Manufacture in the USA. Quality!!

Professional’s Choice Brings Manufacturing Back to the USA - Saving American Jobs!
Dal Scott, owner and founder of Professional’s Choice Sport Medicine Products, Inc. makes a commendable decision to move a substantial portion of his manufacturing business back to Southern California. Production was originally sent to China in a effort to decrease internal cost and pass along saving to Professional’s Choice customers. However, when Scott realized overseas production was putting American jobs in jeopardy, he knew changes had to be made. With new advanced computerized equipment that would drastically improve productivity. A significant investment, but will actually cut cost in the long run.

Check out Professional’s Choice the popular Sports Medicine Boot®, the SMB® Elite.
Some very sophisticated engineering and rigorous testing were poured into the creation of the Sports Medicine Boot® Elite, making it the ultimate in leg protection.  Contouring on both the inner and outer sides of the boot not only ensures a perfect, glove-like fit, but also keeps the dirt out.

The SMB® Elite is lightweight and multi-layered with an exclusive limestone-based neoprene exterior and Ultra Shock™ lining, providing 360-degrees of protection and safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue.  It is proven to absorb energy from hoof impact by over 26%.  The uniquely designed Suspensory strap stretches upon each impact of the hoof, allowing full ankle movement while eliminating hyperextension of the fetlock.  The distinctive angle of this strap also guarantees proper application, ensuring the boot provides maximum protection.

Once again, the Professional’s Choice motto, “The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance,” has been made a reality.  Professional’s Choice is unsurpassed in the arena of equine performance products and the SMB® Elite is the most definitive equine protective boot ever produced.

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M.C. Diamond Ranch is Pleased to host the New Official NPBA National Pole Bending Association website. This wedsite offers local shows calendarMembership, Bylaws and info on pole bending. If you are a Pole Bender you need to check this one out.

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