Tales of the American Quarter Horse

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Legends unfolded at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum’s recent story-telling event.

The Legends of the Breed: Bloodlines of the American Quarter Horse exhibit opened several weeks ago (March 9, to be exact) at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo, but it was an event set for March 22 that gave the exhibit its big kickoff. An evening story-telling event in the Scharbauer Gallery, where the Bloodlines exhibit is on display, saw nearly 150 people in attendance, which was a standing-room-only crowd.

The exhibit displays the bloodlines of 11 of the foundation horses and shows their famous American Quarter Horses descendants. “Tales of the American Quarter Horse” was an evening of exploring the history and legendary tales of the highlighted foundation horses from renowned historians Larry Thornton and Frank Holmes, who were joined by moderator and longtime American Quarter Horse Journal Editor Jim Jennings.

The trio recited stories from the histories of some of the most prominent sires of the breed, including the story of Traveler being discovered while being used as a work horse and Dan Casement leading his stallion Ballymooney 900 miles from Kansas to Colorado from the window of his Model A Ford. Larry detailed the story of Steel Dust’s classic match race against Monmouth that almost resulted in bankrupting the town of McKinney, Texas.

The foundation horses on display include:

  • Little Joe
  • Lock’s Rondo
  • Old Billy
  • Old Cold Deck
  • Old Fred
  • Peter McCue
  • Printer
  • Roan Dick
  • Shiloh
  • Steel Dust
  • Traveler

A fan favorite was the telling of Old Cold Deck’s story. Foaled at Carthage, Missouri, in 1868, Old Cold Deck was a son of Old Billy and out of Lady Wolf. Old Cold Deck was a dark, rich chestnut, and was a compact, heavily muscled horse of 1,175 pounds packed into a scant 15-hand frame. According to Coke Blake of Pryor, Oklahoma, Old Cold Deck had beauty, style, elegance and speed. After running the legs off of everything in Missouri and Arkansas, he proved himself the fastest horses of his time.

There are a couple of stories about how Old Cold Deck got his name. One story, from Coke Blake, was that the night that Lady Wolf foaled her colt, her owner made a killing at poker through the practice of manipulating a “cold deck” into the game.

When Blake, then 16 years old, first saw Cold Deck, the stallion was owned by Foster Barker of Van Buren, Arkansas. Over the door of his stable, Barker had hung a sign declaring “Cold Deck Against The World.”

That challenge stands pretty much in effect all these years later.

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Mounted Shooting Saddles

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M.C. Diamond Ranch has added Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddles to the website. Cody Clark’s Design Philosophy: For my saddle design-I wanted the old  bear trap style swells. I love being able to lock my legs up under the swells for added security while I’m shooting. I really like a soft seat with a deep pocket and a higher cantle. It definitely is a nice feature to have when handling the tight turns on some courses. It was very important to me to have my feet set forward. A lot of shooters tend to let their feet get behind them and it is hard to regain balance and maintain speed after that happens.  Reinsman was able to put one of the shortest horns I’ve ever seen on this saddle. I told them the shorter and more forward leaning the better-and they delivered! I personally like the look of a single skirt, this one has a great shape plus.. it’s a little bit lighter. We were able to mix the old with the new and come up with something really unique. To Check this saddle out go to M.C. Diamond Mounted Shooted Saddles.

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The Best Of Western 100 Greatest Western Films

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M.C. Diamond Ranch “Fun Stuff”

The Western is a genre of art that may be found in film, television, radio, literature, painting and other visual arts. Westerns are devoted to telling stories set primarily in the latter half of the 19th century in the American Old West.

You can rank your favorite Western Film, and Trivia see the all  “Here

Here are a few samples

1 Magnificent Seven (1960) What do you know about the Western The Magnificent Seven?
Try this Western Film FUN Trivia “Here
The Searchers (1956) What do you know about the Western The Searchers?
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Red River (1948) What do you know about the Western Red River?
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X Series Neon Rodeo Series and Molly Powell Breast Collars

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M.C. Diamond Ranch has updated this beautiful collection of  Neon Rodeo Series and Molly Powell Breast Collars. they are sure to impress the competition with its unique colors and designs, all at a great price.

Impress the competition with unique colors and designs of this Scalloped Breast Collar. Made of premium oak skirting leather. Doubled and stitched for durability, then overlaid with tan and black snakeskin accents. Antique Berry Conchos and shiny dots complete the look. Unlike anything out there, this breast collar looks more like a piece of art than a part of your tack collection. Check ths one out at M.C. Diamond Neon Rodeo Series and Molly Powell Breast Collars


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Neon Rodeo Series 2 1/2″ Scalloped Red or Turqouis Alligator Breast Collar. This series is set up the same way less the crystals. Classy… without “bling”. 
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Cooking Recipes Cowboy and Western

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Looking for cowboy and western cooking recipes?  M.C. Diamond Ranch has a large collection of favorite cowboy and western cooking recipes .

These recipes are fantastic!

Some of our highest Reviews are on.

Texas Chili

Is it the World’s Best
Apple Pie Recipe

 Beer Can Chicken/Turkey
with  a Texas Touch

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Chuck wagon Etiquette

No one eats until Cookie calls
When Cookie calls, everyone comes a runnin’
Hungry cowboys wait for no man. They fill their plates, fill their bellies, and then move on so   stragglers can fill their plates
Cowboys eat first, talk later.
It’s okay to eat with your fingers. The food is clean
If you’re refilling the coffee cup and someone yells “Man at the pot.” You’re obliged to serve refills.
Don’t take the last serving unless your sure you’re the last man.
Food left on the plate is an insult to the cook.
No running or saddling a horse near the wagon. And when you ride off, always ride down wind from the wagon.
If you come across any decent firewood, bring it back to the wagon
Strangers are always welcome at the wagon.

Did you know?
When Cookie  was finished with his work for the day and before hitting the sack, he would always place the tongue of the chuck wagon facing north. When the trail master started in the morning he would look at the tongue and then knew what direction he would be moving the herd.

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