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The Big Trail [1930]

What do you know about the Western The Big Trail?
Try this Western Film FUN Trivia.
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1) The Big Trail (1930) is a lavish early widescreen movie shot on location across the American West starring John Wayne in his first leading role. Who directed the film?

Raoul Walsh
Henry Ford
Wallace Halloway

2) What is John Wayne's character named?

Sid Bascom
Breck Coleman
Ira Hayes

3) The Big Trail was shot in an early widescreen process using 70mm film called Fox Grandeur which was first used in The William Fox Movietone Follies of 1929.

True or False?

4) Marguerite Churchill was the leading lady. What was the name of her character?

Louise Carver
Joan Sloan
Ruth Cameron

5) Incredibly, five different versions of this film were shot simultaneously.

True or False?

6) Who palyed Red Flack, wagon boss?

Tyrone Power, Sr.
Gabe Kaplan
Manfred Moore

7) What is not a film location?

Buttercup Dunes, Imperial County, California
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

8) What was the company that distributed the film?

Fox Film Corporation
Universal Film Company
Standard and Poor Film Corporation

9) Marguerite Churchill She also appeared opposite John Wayne again the following year. What was the film?

Girls Demand Excitement
Riders of the Purple Sage
Quick Millions

10) What former University of Southern California football player played in the film with John Wayne?

Sid Blackman
Ward Bond
Myron Cope

The Big Trail [Answers]

  1. Raoul Walsh
  2. Breck Coleman
  3. True
  4. Marguerite Churchill
  5. True
  6. Tyrone Power, Sr.
  7. Alamo, San Antonio, Texas
  8. Fox Film Corporation
  9. Girls Demand Excitement
  10. Ward Bond

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