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Fort Apache

What do you know about the Western Fort Apache?
Try this Western Film FUN Trivia.
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page

Choose an answer from the three choices and True/False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) The Fort Apache fort, built for this production, stood for years.  It was reused in dozens of productions, most notably the TV series "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" (1954).  It was located at the Corriganville Movie Ranch in Simi Valley, California.  Today it is possible to visit this location, as it is now administered as a City Park in Simi Valley.

True or False?

2) The plot for this movie was loosely based on Custer's Last Stand with Lt. Col. Owen Thursday as Custer and substituting Apaches for the Sioux. The cover-up by the survivors and the military of Thursday's blunder is in line with the cover up of Custer's mistakes and deliberate disobedience of his orders at Little Big Horn.
Who plays Lt. Col. Owen Thursday?

A John Agar
B John Wayne
C Henry Fonda

3) In the film what American Indians played Apaches?

A Comanche
B Navajo
C Sioux

4) Lieutenant Michael Shannon O'Rourke played by John Agar.
Who played his father Sergeant Major Michael O'Rourke?

A Jack Pennick
B Grant Withers
C Ward Bond

5) Shirley Temple played Philadelphia Thursday.  He love interest in the film was Lt. O'Rourke. 
At the time, who was her husband?

A John Agar
B Charles Alden Black
C Ray Hyke

6) When there is unrest among the Indians, led by Cochise, Thursday ignores York's advice to treat the natives with honor and that the problems are caused by corrupt Indian agents.
Who played Cochise?

A Arnold Stang
B Felipe Lopez
C Miguel Inclan

7) Who does George O'Brien play in the movie?

A Capt. Sam Collingwood
B Major Mac Allshard
C Captain Jack Steele

8) Who plays Sgt. Quincannon in Fort Apache?

A Dick Foran
Johnny Mack Brown
Bob Steele

9) Who does Victor McLaglen play in the film?

A Sgt. Festus Mulcahy
B Sgt. Magnus Snow
C Sgt. Robert McVee

10) When Capt York reports to Lt. Col. Thursday at the NCO's dance, he says that Cochise and his people have crossed the Rio Bravo back to American soil. This movie takes place in Arizona, there is no river separating Arizona from Mexico. The Rio Bravo (Rio Grande in US) separates only Texas and no other states from Mexico.

True or False?

Fort Apache [Answers]
1) True. 2) C. 3) B. 4) C. 5) A. 6) C. 7) A. 8) A. 9) A. 10) True

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