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Winchester '73 (1950)

What do you know about the Western Winchester '73?
Try this Western Film FUN Trivia.
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page

Choose an answer from the three choices and True/False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) In 1876, Lin McAdam and friend 'High-Spade' Frankie Wilson pursue outlaw 'Dutch Henry' Brown into Dodge City. Who is the Sheriff of Dodge City?

Matt Dillon
Wyatt Earp
Bat Masterson

2) Lin he enters a shooting competition, contending against Dutch Henry among others. They end up the two finalists for a prized, one-of-one-thousand, perfect Winchester rifle. Lin wins, but Dutch Henry steals the prize and leaves town with Lin in hot pursuit.

True or False?

3) The rifle is bartered to trader Joe Lamont, who then runs guns to the Indians. Their leader Young Bull doesn't like the old, worn-out merchandise Lamont is offering; he wants the Winchester. When Lamont refuses to sell, he pays the ultimate price for his stupidity. Who plays the Indian leader Young Bull?

Clint Eastwood
Wade Reynolds
Rock Hudson

4) The rifle next falls into the possession of Steve Miller. He's running with Dutch Henry's gang, much to the disapproval of his girl, Lola Manners. Gunfighter 'Waco' Johnnie Dean covets it. He keeps insulting Miller in front of Lola, until finally he snaps and draws on him, though he knows he's no match for the professional. Waco kills him and takes possession, but not for long. Dutch Henry shows up and takes back "his" rifle. Who plays Lola Manners?

Jean Arthur
Shelley Winters
Jean Simmons

5) Dutch Henry plans a robbery. Gunfighter 'Waco' Johnnie Dean is stationed in a saloon to provide protection, but is betrayed to Lin by Lola. The theft goes awry. Who plays Gunfighter 'Waco' Johnnie Dean?

Tony Curtis
James Best
Dan Duryea

6) Lin chases Dutch Henry out of town and corners him on a rocky hill. Before he leaves town, High-Spade reveals to Lola that Henry's real name is Matthew, the no-good brother of Lin. Matthew killed their father when he wouldn't go along with his crimes. Lin finally kills Dutch Henry and gets Lola and his prize rifle back in the end. James Stewart plays Lin McAdams, who plays Dutch Henry?

Stephen McNally
Chuck Connors
Jeff Chandler

7) Who plays Lin's sidekick 'High-Spade' Frankie Wilson?

Millard Mitchell
Mitch Miller
Malcom Mitchell

8) The filmmakers did not have the budget to pay James Stewart his requested fee of $200,000, so he suggested they take the then-unusual step of paying him a cut of the profits instead. This deal, the first of its kind since the advent of talkies, would soon become the norm and change the studio-agent-actor relationship, leading to the demise of the long-term contract and the studio system. Stewart is believed to have made around $600,000 from this film.

True or False?

9) How many One-of-a-Thousand Model 1873's are made?


10) Fritz Lang was originally slated to direct this movie. Because he worked with this director in the theater, who did James Stewart recommend to direct Winchester '73?

Anthony Mann
John Ford
Kirk Douglas

Winchester '73 [Answers]
Wyatt Earp
2 True
3 Rock Hudson
4 Shelley Winters
5 Dan Duryea
6 Stephen McNally
7 Millard Mitchell
8 True
9 133
10 Anthony Mann

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