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Cindy Wright Q
uestions and Cindy responses.
Welcomes you to here new website


What is the difference between bits bbr361 the large copper draw cheek bit and bbr261r and the dee draw bridle? Is 261 better on colts or would it work on competition horses and is 361 just an older horse bit. Looking for an all around bit that I can try on colts that I am starting on the barrel pattern and possibly on an open horse that has bit issues.
Thanks, Candy

261r is the bit you can use from start to finish. I use it to start my colts n an also won go round at WPRA rodeo Houston TX n it. I like to use 361 to prepare a horse to move into a curb bit.
Thank You. Cindy Wright.


We are pleased to host the New Official Cindy Wright website

Cindy Wright, WPRA finalist 12 years on 12 different horses. Cindy has an exceptional knack for understanding horses and teaching horsemanship to riders of all levels.

Need a bit that will relax your horse but will still let you be in control? Then the "Right Bit is what you should try. This bit fits comfortably in your horse mouth but will get their attention.
Check all of the Right Bits out here

Cindy Wright "Sure Grip" Reins

This is a very unique rein. Harness leather ends with conway buckle for easy attachment and scissor snap on one end for convenience. The black biothane sure grip makes the rein easy to ride.

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