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Tammie Kear
16309 Mendenhall RD
Princeville, IL 61559
309 385-2335









November 2008 Newsletter


Tammie Kear, district director


309 385-2335

View the NBHA IL 04 website at :  http://mysite.verizon.net/reszr00z/


Greetings to all:


The year-end awards were held on November 15 after the show at Blackhawk College.  I want to thank Donna Irvin for the use of the classroom.  It was a great place to be inside and warm and provide us with ample room to have a small gathering.  If you have any suggestions for 2009 NBHA year-end awards or have a suggestion for a place to have the year-end awards, please voice your opinion.  I am open to everything.

By the way, a total of $1150 was spent on 2008 NBHA year-end awards and food.


Heres how it went:

Top 3 district 04 point earners each earning a free NBHA membership for 2009:

Jim Hankins

Vicky Nutter

Betsy Hartmann


MVP – Most Valuable Person:  Pete O’Rorke

            Pete had $100 sponsorships for the state show

            Pete sold a business card for the newsletter (the Diamond G business card)

            Pete volunteered his time at 10 shows helping with the tractor driving, the gate or setting barrels.  Thank you Pete!


VMY – Most Valuable Youth:  Cody Hancock

            Cody volunteered his time at 7 shows

            Thank you Cody!


A big thank you to these companies and people for donating to the year end award prize giveaways:

            Farnam – gift bag and coupons (for more coupons check out farnam.com)

            Nutrena –coupons for feed (**see note)

Wrangler –3 mens shirts, 1 ladies jean jacket,  and 2 gift certificates for 3 pairs of jeans

            Straight Arrow – for the mineral ice and the spray away shampoo sprayers

            Best Cob – 5 bags of pelleted bedding

            Vanessa Jo Kear – 2 sets of polar fleece leg wraps

            IL 04 – 2 rubber ties and the rope halter



2008 NBHA Year End awards:

Norfield magnetic hock boots –

 Derek Diedrich

Lasered 1” stainless barrel stirrups –

            Larry Stevens

            Pete O’Rorke

            Jim Hankins

            Chuck Springer

            Vicky Nutter

            Molly Johnson

            Cody Hancock

            Heather Urban


 Professional Choice splint boots –

            Jim Hankins

            Vicky Nutter

            Dawn Hasz

            Chuck Springer


IL 04 2008 embroidered fly sheets –

            Suzi Roark

            Rhonda O’Rorke

            Angela Evans

            Jessica Lynch

            Betsy Hartmann

            Molly Johnson

            Kylie Beckman

            Heather Urban


The biggest surprise of all was the year-end award presented to me!  A GIANT thank you to all of you –J - yep that’s me smiling big time!  Absolutely loved the gift certificates and all of your thoughts and comments. 


There will be some changes for 2009:

1.      To receive any NBHA year-end award you must have competed in a minimum of four IL 04 sanctioned shows for that year.  (this requirement only pertains to the NBHA awards)


2.      The district 04 points will end as of 2008. 

     Heres the change for next year:

     Money Jar Points:

     Every time you receive a check at a IL 04 sanctioned show your name will go into a jar for that division and that class.  There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th  division jars for the open, 1st , 2nd, & 3rd  division jars for the senior and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd division jars for the youth.  For example:  if you were to receive a paycheck in the 3rd division of the youth at a IL 04 sanctioned show, then your name would be in the youth 3rd division jar.  The same day you received a paycheck in the 3rd division of the open, your name would also go into the 3rd division open jar.  If you would be lucky enough to get 2 checks in one division in one class–then you will have your name going in twice for that class.  There will be a drawing at the 2009 year-end awards from each jar for a cash prize.  One thing:  for the cash drawing you must be present to win. 


3.      Please volunteer your time at any show if you can.  Every little bit makes a  big difference. 


**Note:  the Nutrena coupons were printed with the       wrong date.  Please, if you have a coupon that you picked up at the year end awards, please change the date to 2009 and write in OK from Brooke Larson, Nutrena Sales Advisor (715) 309-9811 cell.  If you want a Nutrena coupon for buy 3, get 1 free, I will have some with me at the next couple of shows.  They are good thru 1-31-09.


Another thing to think about:  the monthly newsletter and the website

The newsletter/website is a good way to let others in the district see whats going on.  Any money that is made from the newsletter stays in this district.  Making money is the only way we are able to have decent year end awards.  Please use the newsletter for selling, business cards, showbills, etc.  I will be advertising  a new stallion in 2009.  If you have something for others to see or have something that others may be interested in, please use the newsletter/website as it does go to a lot of people. 


Any ideas for making a little bit of money? 


These are some tentative shows for next year:

            Blackhawk College will have their jackpot show (s) in the spring

            Diamond G – beginning of May

            Pecatonica Fair – August

            Rawlings for spring and fall

            Ft Madison – something in the works that may be a combined show with

NBHA districts from Iowa and Missouri – hoping it could be some

good $$$$


Those of you who will keep showing this fall and winter and those going to Columbia, Flickerwood, Memphis, OKC, and Double G – wishing all of you continued success.

Don’t forget there is one show left on Dec 7 at Rawlings.  Showbills for Double G and Rawlings are on the website.                     


Don’t forget the bulletin board for business cards and the classified ads.  



That’s all for now – this will be the last newsletter for this year.  I’ll be back in early 2009. 


We’ve all been very fortunate this year to be able to go and show.    Please give or donate this year.   Recycle.


Happy Holidays.


Keep the faith,




Order Through Storefront is up.  Call 574-229-9973 or email Mark Allen mark@mcdiamond.com

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