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State Director
Kay Reynolds
400 S 5th St SW
Clay City, IL 62824


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Dear Illinois NBHA Members:



Its that time of year again for the Illinois NBHA State Show.  The State Show is scheduled for September17th, 18th, & 19th, 2010 at Gordyville USA in Rantoul.


The Illinois NBHA has hired Tim Oxby to handle the ground at the State Show.  Please stop by and ask Tim if he needs a break or any help.  By having Tims experience, the show will run much faster with shorter drag times.   


The Open 4D will have $6,000.00 added; Senior 4D $1,500 added and $1,500.00 added to the Youth 4D.  Stalls are mandatory for all contestants.  No postcards will be mailed because of the expense.  The draws will be posted on  September 10,  by 5:00 pm.  To find your draw number, please go to www.mcdiamond.com.  If you do not have access to the internet, please give me a call. 


We are still looking for saddle sponsors.  A saddle sponsor is $550.  The saddle sponsor will receive a full page ad in the program book, banner display (they need to supply banner).  Any contestant who obtains a saddle sponsor will receive a free ride (Open & Senior or Youth) and stall.  Other sponsorships will be as follows:  $250 free stall and one free ride.  $125 free stall.  Program book ads will be page $100; page $50 (business card).  Vendor booths will be $150.  For more info, please call me.


Get your dogs ready!  There will be a Dog Race on Friday evening after the Open 4D.  It will be Calcutta.  The entry fee will be $10 payable right before the race. For our future NBHA members.  We will have a pee wee barrel race for Kids 10 and under. Enter at the show so kids bring your Horse or Pony.  Darren Woller will take care of the the kids games.  Everyone come for a good time.


We will be having a pop up barrel race Saturday evening after the Open 4D.  This is open to anyone who did not make finals.  Added Money.. 


On Sunday morning, we will again be having church service.   Please plan to attend at 7:30 am. 


The hospitality room will be available for all workers.  Please plan to bring an item like water, pop, food, etc.  This worked out good last year.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your District Director for more information.  We are very excited about having a great time!!!  See you there!


Show Committee decisions are final. 


Kay Reynolds, IL NBHA State Director

400 S. 5th Street SW

Clay City, IL  62824

Cell: 618-838-1944     Home: 618 676-1978


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