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Wildcard Information/Forms

NBHA Wild Card Instructions

Congratulations on your wild card win!!!
Below are instructions on how to enter the World Championships.

A wild card win entitles you to one invitation to the World Championships. Wild cards are transferable. Only the winner, whose name must appear on the front of the wild card, or a legal transfer, may use it. (transfer sheet must be properly filled out and attached to wildcard)

A wild card may be used in any division. It is not limited to the division in which it was won.

You may use as many wild cards as you hold at any one World Championships. However, you are limited to four entries in a class (Open, Youth, Senior) including district qualifications.

Wildcards may be used at either World Championship show. Wildcards stating “Youth” can be used at the “Open” World championships. Wildcards stating “Open” or “Senior” can be used at the “Youth” World Championships (Age restrictions on Youth still apply to enter the show)

Be sure that you watch for the World Championships entry form in the Barrel Horse News.
You are responsible for getting your entry form in by the deadline.

DO NOT LOSE IT!! Wildcards will not be replaced!
The ORIGINAL certificate must accompany your entry.

Wild cards may be used anytime after you win one.

Wild cards do not expire.

Because the Youth is an aged event, members must be 19 or younger on January 1st of the year they intend to use the wild card in the Youth World Championships.

Send the following items to the Show Office:

1.       Your completed World Championship entry form.

2.       All fees (A wildcard is an invitation to the show, contestants still pay the same fees as everyone else).

3.       Your original wildcard certificate.

4.       A completed transfer sheet if you are a transfer owner.
Your entry form and fees must be received in the Show Office by the deadline specified on the World Championships entry form.

If you have any questions regarding your wild card, please call us at the Show Office (706) 823-3728.


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