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Mark Allen



There are so many blankets on the market to day it is hard to tell the one that would work the best for you and your horse. As pad companies come up with air, gel, memory, and so many others that they clam that they are the best “WHAT DO YOU DO”

 One thing some people try to do with a blanket is fix a saddle that does not fit or a saddle with a bad tree. If you have the bad tree “new saddles can have bad trees”. There are not much any blanket can do. There is a lot to say about bad trees and I will when we do A Bit of Saddle Info. If the saddle does not fix you need to know where, bars, gullet height and width and even skirts size. Some of these can be helped easier than others like gullet that is too wide is easier than to narrow tree or low gullet. A low gullet you have to bring the saddle up that can change your bars to ride higher loses the pocket the saddle should be in you can lose the feel of contact with your horse and the saddle move on your horse. That should help the low gullet and narrow bars from sore-backing the horse some but the best way and some people say the only way Get a saddle that fits the horse.

 There are several functions the pad you pick should do with a saddle that fits. Some of these are, moisture management, heat retention, pressure points, and you want no problems with any slipping saddles.

Plus you need to consider the riding you do trial, pleasure, roping, barrels or what you do. My number 1 pick is ”Wool Felt”.

 What is felt? Felt is a pressed, matted fabric formed by the interlocking of certain unspun fibers, most notably wool. No spinning, weaving, or knitting is involved. Rather, through a combination of heat, moisture, and pressure, each individual fiber becomes completely entangled with the other fibers around it. The tangled mass forms a natural, self-tightening, felted mat. Looked at under a microscope, felt appears as just such a tangle of intertwined fibers, with irregular open areas."
 Felt retains a percentage of natural lanolin from the sheep. This combined with
the density of the felt will repel water and make it a product that is windproof and shower proof. The wool fibers contain curls, or crimps that flex and stretch up to 30% more than their original length. They bounce back quickly like a miniature spring returning to the original shape. Resisting wrinkles, while retaining it’s original thickness, and appearance for year.

   A 100% Wool Blanket that conforms to the horse’s back, absorbing the motion of the saddle, yet holds its place without sore backing the horse.  A Wool Blanket is not only soft and flexible but will withstand all the day to day riding you can give it   

 The wool fibers repel water, and absorb moisture to be released in vapor form. Unlike synthetics, wool ‘breathes.’ Wool can absorb as much as 18% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp and up to 50% of its weight without becoming saturated. Wool fibers can even rid themselves of dirt particles. 

"Your Horse Deserves the Very Best!"

Therapeutic  & Eliminating Pressure Points & Cool and Dry& Long Lasting.  Makes Reinsman with 100% Wool Felt Blankets my  "#ONE  PICK"

 The Tacky Too Bottom offered by Reinsman is another “Great Choice”. There are many reasons why I would pick this one.

                                                          Mark Allen

                                                          M.C. Diamond Ranch