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Reinsman Square Cut Back Pads

FABRIC COVERED SADDLE PADS - Maize colored fleece bottoms

Maize colored synthetic sheepskin bottoms allow airflow and moisture balance through your pad. The Maize bottom is a long lasting woven fabric blown through with the best possible synthetic pile. The pile used is not a "slick" cheap acrylic. (The cheap acrylics pads cost a lot less, but they are as slick as glass once wet with sweat. And, to reduce the costs more, cheap pads use a pressed "who knows what" mixed fiber, bacteria breeding, type padding within the fabrics - also not the best. But they're Cheap, until your horse has a skin problem, or you add the costs of replacing them so often!) This better Reinsman construction allows your pad to dry faster than a solid type of bottom. We have used these pads for 30 years or so with a lot of success.  Clean with a water hose, mild detergent,  and lay it over a line or fence to dry. It is best NOT to use a washer & dryer.

Each pad has a 1 inch, absorbent felt inner pad and leather wear leathers. The other difference is that we show all the options we can. M.C Diamond Ranch has a large inventory at our disposal. We do have pads ready for immediate shipping. We offer you all these style and color options to allow you a better, customized for you, choice. We can still deliver your customized pads within a reasonable time frame.

32'' x 32'' x Square Cut Back
RETAIL $75.99

P230  $72.95






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