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Reinsman Western Saddle Pads and Blankets

Reinsman makes an excellent pad for your horse. And Reinsman makes a large selection. Their wools are quality. Their vast experiences with many professional trainers has helped them to develop high tech comfort systems for you and your horse. Through using innovations on tried and true models, Reinsman pads can be the extra touch you need to make your ride the best it can be.

This page is full of color selections and styles of horse saddle pads.  M.C. Diamond Ranch wanted you to be able to see a the best variety of pads for your choice.  With this large of variety we can not stock them all. We order from Reinsman weekly so if we do not have your Pad in stock delivery is about 2 weeks.

Basic Western Saddle Pad Styles: Every horse and rider combination may have different needs. These saddle pad styles address almost all situations from older horses to fatter horses.
Because we offer ALL of Reinsman's color choices on these pads instead of a few colors like most companies, we do not even pretend to have them all in stock. We can still deliver your customized pads within a reasonable time frame.

Reinsman X Series Ultimate Performance Saddle Pad


Charmayne James


Wool Felt Pad


Contour Wool Felt Pad
Tacky Too

Tacky Too Under Pad
30" X 30" Contour

Roper Delight
Wool Felt Pad


Sharon Camarillo Pad Collection

Molly Powell Collection


Arena Performance

Ranch Cutter


Reinsman Tunnel Pads
Tacky Too


Reinsman Tacky Too
Contour 30" X 30"

Reinsman Tacky Too
Contour 32" X 32"


Reinsman Swayback
Tacky Too 32" X 32"


Reinsman Swayback
Tacky Too 30" X 30"


Reinsman Tacky Too
Contour Trail 30" X 34"


Reinsman Tacky Too
Square 32" X 32"


Reinsman Tacky Too
Round 28" X 29 1/2"


Reinsman Wool
Tec Fleece

34" X 30"

Reinsman Poly
Tec Fleece

34" X 30"


Reinsman Performance
Enhancing Plus

32" X 29"


Under Pads


Reinsman Square Contour
Pads with Maize Fleece Bottom

30" X 30"


Reinsman Square Contour
Pads with Maize Fleece Bottom

32" X 32"


Reinsman Square Pads with
Maize Fleece Bottom

32" X 32"


Reinsman Round
Pads with Maize Fleece Bottom

29" X 29 1/2"


Reinsman Square Cut Back
Pads with Maize Fleece Bottom

32" X 32"


Corrective Pads
Built-In Bridge and Shoulder Fill
Spine Relief

Reinsman Trail Pads
with Maize Fleece Bottom

30" X 34"


Maximum Pressure
Relief Pad - Wool
32" X 32" X 1"

Marlene McRae
Wool Felt Pads


M2 Lite Pads


Nesting Pads











The other difference is that we show all the options we can. M.C Diamond Ranch has a large inventory at our disposal. We do have pads ready for immediate shipping. We offer you all these style and color options to allow you a better, customized for you, choice. We can still deliver your customized pads within a reasonable time frame.    We thank you for all your visits.

Through Shopping Cart or call 574-229-9973 or email Mark Allen mark@mcdiamond.com

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