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Independent Test Results for Western Saddle Pads

Reinsman Tacky Too Square Skirt Pad
'Reinsman has a great design in these attractive, all-in-one pads.  The 'waffle' design on the underside makes this pad stick non-slip and provides a little venting, too.  We prefer the contour-over-the-wither style fit the best.  We also like the square skirt.  The only improvement we'd like is less material in the cinch and leg area to allow easier cinching and closer contact.  But a great pad and a definite favorite.'

Reinsman Tacky too Contour Square Skirt Pad
'Comments similar to Tacky Too Square Skirt, but this pad has the contoured topline we prefer.  Excellent choice.'

Bottom Line
'In our judgment, the best pads in the pile were the Reinsman Tacky Too Contour Square Skirt-- for its great looks, good padding and ease of use and care...'






I've tried about every kind of pad but your Tacky Too is the best so far. I ride mules and you know how hard it can be to keep a saddle in place, these pads are the best aid I have found and it looks good, it's easy to clean and the mule said he loves it. Thanks again.


M. M.


'Thanks for the information on the tacky pad, I ended up purchasing a trail tacky pad and used it for the first time this weekend.  We rode for more than 2 hours on the trail and the pad was awesome.  It made my saddle more secure and I felt as though I was able to concentrate more on my riding skills then worrying about my mares back.  The shock absorption was terrific.  After removing the pad there was not a single dry spot on her back.
Thanks for the help in my decision I am sure I will use this pad going forward in my riding experiences.'

     Michelle R.


'Thanks again for the saddle pads, they are great. I really do love the pads and I use them every day. I use them on all types of horses from high withers to round backed horses and have never had one slip. I really think you have hit the jackpot.'

     Jim Nichols
     Director of Rodeo Administrations & National Circuits Coordinator
     Colorado Springs, CO


'We just purchased two of the tacky backed western Saddle pads, for two very different shaped horses, who both had problems with the saddles slipping on hilly trail rides.  I didn't want to put breast collars on, so bought two of these new pads from Calabasas Saddlery.
THEY ARE THE BEST!  They stay in place. the horses back doesn't get hot, and NO problems with any slipping saddles anymore.
Thanks so much for yet another great product from Reinsman.'

             Penny B.

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