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Roper Wool Saddle Pads - Reinsman

Roper Delight Series Roper Wool Felt Pad. This pad is made with 100% wool felt. Wool provides excellent shock protection. It will absorb more moisture than synthetic products, releases heat build up, breathes for a cooler ride and is quick drying after use. The wool conforms to the horses back resulting in less slippage. The contour shape provides better fit for horses withers or more sway to their back and allows the saddle to fit properly. We use heavy oiled grain out leathers which results in less cracking and drying out.

32" x 32" x 3/4"

RETAIL $102.95

P35706  $98.95

32" x 32" x 1"

RETAIL $120.95

P35707  $109.95

Why Reinsman Pads are Better!
Stuffing Felt:
Exclusively made to our specifications
Does not contain foreign by-products such as corn husks or paper filler like other manufacturers
Non-organic materials so pads will not house sweat or decay
Consistent materials so pad construction is even for horse's comfort
We use a scrim sheet to give pad body, prevent it from rolling, bunching, or moving
Tow-layer construction provide spine relief and naturally contours to the horse's back
Cutout under rider's legs eliminate bulk for closer contact feel
Scrim sheet limits sweat absorption from rising to the top of pad

M.C. Diamond Custom
5/8" x 8' Latigo Roping Reins


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Tyler Magnus Series


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