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Nothing compliments cowboy boots better than a pair of western spurs. Nothing says old west better then the jingle of a pair of western spurs. But, most of all, nothing tells your horse to getting going better then a pair of western spurs. They look great, sound great and are a functional piece of cowboy equipment. Just like your boots and saddle, they have to fit right and be put on correctly to do the job

How to Put on Western Spurs & Straps See "HERE"


 Charmayne James Spurs



Reinsman Charmayne James

Bar Shank Spur


Reinsman Charmayne James
Floral Shank Spurs


Reinsman Charmayne James Bar Bumper Spurs


Reinsman Charmayne James
Floral Bumper Spurs


Reinsman Charmayne James
Silver Bar Ball Spurs


Reinsman Charmayne James Silver Floral Ball Spurs




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Spur Tiedown
GS163  $3.95























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