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How to Wear Spur Straps

Spurs are a means of getting a horse's attention and communicating with it. A cowboy or showman does not use spurs to hurt or punish a horse , but rather to cue the horse. A spur broken horse knows to sidestep left if spurred on the right, for example. Some horses are so well broken a rider can control it with spurs and voice commands alone; no bridle is required. However, before a rider can do so , she must put on spurs correctly.



1 Slide the spurs on one at a time. For each foot, choose the spur that places the buckle of the strap on the outside of the foot when you slide the spur over your heel. If the buckle is on  the inside of your foot, switch spurs. The straps on some spurs swivel almost 360 degrees on the end of the yoke. As a result, it is possible to put the spur on upside down. The metal buckle attached to the yoke of the spur and the strap must face up. Another means for knowing right side up is the shank of the spur. If the shank is curved, bends down.

2 Slide the spur over the heel of your boot. If the yoke is up around your Achilles tendon and your fibula bone, the spur is mounted too high. If it hands off the bottom of your heel onto the heel of the boot, it is mounted too low. The spur belongs directly behind the heel of your foot.

3 Buckle the straps. If you over-tighten the strap, the spur will ride up the back of your heel for an improper fit. If the straps are too loose, they will sag down below your heel. To test the tightness of the spur strap, put the spurs on and walk around. Jumping up and down gives you an even better idea of the fit.



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