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 Slanted Aluminum Stirrups with 2" Tread
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"What The Winners Ride"
Very durable and lightweight. Lightweight aluminum stirrups with new angled design. The angled design of these stirrups allows your foot to be flat across the tread which gives you a more comfortable ride without the stress on your knees. Leather wrapped foot tread with rubber grip. 3 neck.
Height: 5" Inside, 7" Outside Width: 4" Outside

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Slanted stirrups have been around for a long time. The English saddle company Stubben has had them for over a hundred years.

The premise is very simple. In a traditional stirrup, when you turn the fender 90 to the horse, the outside of the stirrup is raised. This places your foot at about a 30 angle to the horse, misaligning the bones in your knee and ankle. The outside of my slanted stirrup is longer than the inside, so when you turn that fender, the stirrup is parallel to the ground, relieving the pressure and straightening your knees and ankles. So simple, but so effective. I make them in a lot of types.


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